12 January 2014

'How to Get a Graduate Job' Series Introduction

I want to start a couple of on-going series on the blog, so you readers know what you're getting, and I know what I'm writing! The first series will be based around my experiences trying to find a graduate job following my graduation in July 2013. It's an experience that has such huge highs and lows, and I must admit at times I found it extremely difficult and started to question my abilities and skills. I am now happily settling into a new job, but feel like I've picked up a lot of tips along the way.
I'm not professing to be any sort of expert on the subject, but will include details of lectures and talks we were given at university as well as ideas from my own experiences. Posts I have planned include graduate schemes, skills based CVs and cover letters!

Let me know what posts you'd be interested in seeing and please share your own job hunting experiences with me!

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