8 January 2014

Healthy Beef Curry...

It's that time again, where it feels like everyone you know is on a New Year's diet! This year, instead of making unrealistic resolution that I would probably sack off within a week, I've decided to try and change my overall lifestyle. No crazy detoxes here!
One of the recipes I've been making over and over again is this beef curry, it so easy, and because it takes a while to simmer down, I can do a workout DVD while it's cooking!

Healthy Beef Curry
Time: 50 Minutes
The quantity I have in the images is to make 4 portions (there's 2 packs of beef)

Beef (Casserole or Strips)
Tomato Puree (3 tablespoons)
Beef Stock Cubes x 3
Curry Powder (Mild) (2 tablespoons)
Fry Light

1. Chop the veg - I'm using peppers and mushrooms but you could play around, maybe add butternut squash or spinach

2. Begin browning off the beef in the frylight

 3. Add the peppers

4. Once beef is browned and pepper softened, add the mushrooms, tomato puree and curry powder. Stir together so it becomes like a paste. coating the beef and veg

5. Pour in the stock - whatever quantity it takes for 3 cubes, if there's more stock then simply increase the cooking time until it has all evaporated down. Cook for around 40 minutes or until the stock has almost completely disappeared

6. Voila!

This recipe is really, really simple (I'm not a brilliant chef!) but tastes delicious. You can change the veg to suit your taste, or use a hotter curry powder! Let me know if you try it!

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  1. Ooh this looks nice, I'll definitely be trying it! x